Managing Using the Diamond Principle: Innovating to Effect Organizational Process Improvement


Change is inevitable, but, poorly handled, can spell disaster. A bold new vision for implementation of new strategies and processes call for an understanding of what is to be changed, based on The Diamond Principle. The Diamond Principle, brielfly, is that the people who actually do the work in question need to be consulted before the work is changed, or a new process is implemented. There is a knowledge diamond in most organizations that will show you where to get the information you need for success in change management.
This book will show where to look for the information, how to get it when you find it, and how to implement changes with a view toward success. Written in a conversational style that is easy to follow, examples both good and bad are analyzed to determine what did and did not work, and how implementation of the principles in this book were used to effectuate better performance (or not used, to ruin performance.)


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Mark W. Johnson

Mark W. Johnson has received the certificate in supervisory management designation, and is or has been a certified public manager, certified internal controls auditor, and certified …

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May 17, 2018





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