Managerial Communication and the Brain: Applying Neuroscience to Leadership Practices


The subject of this book is managerial/leadership communication and how to apply principles of neuroscience to create effective messages. It is not a basic “textbook” on general principles of business/managerial communication, nor is it a scholarly book developing communication theory. This book differs from most other business communication-related books in that it takes a neuroscientific approach to explaining communication that those in leadership positions do—communicating upwardly, across similar levels of leadership and downwardly. Other books tend to take a social scientific or psychological approach to describing effective approaches to communication and leadership. Social science affects biological development and cognitive psychology. However, it is important to understand what is happening within the brain of members of an audience to understand how to best communicate managerial and leadership decisions and motivate employees and others toward action. There are several blogs and articles related to ways to use neuroscience in managerial communication; however, this is a unique book in that it is a comprehensive consideration of many of these principles and uses specific, concrete applications to help the reader understand them. It, also, provides opportunities to practice these skills.


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Dirk Remley

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July 31, 2017





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