Making Sense of Iranian Society, Culture, and Business


Iran represents a large regional economy with a strategic location in the Persian Gulf and Central Asia, a huge consumer market, tremendous natural resources, and numerous petrochemical and manufacturing industries which require heavy investment. Understanding the Iranian business environment requires a holistic approach as in Iran religion, society, culture, economy, politics, and family are intimately intertwined. In line with this view, this book aims at offering an analytical, readable, and relatively comprehensive understanding of the Iranian society, culture, and business environment. The book adopts a broad scope and relies on a wide range of academic and professional sources to bring insights into the Iranian context. The book tries to bridge theory and practice by providing a reasonable blend of scholarship and practical expertise. As such, this book can be seen as a valuable source for business managers, political analysts, policy makers, scholars, students, and all those who are concerned with the Iranian and Middle Eastern affairs.

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Hamid Yeganeh

Dr. Yeganeh is a professor of business and international management at Winona State University in Minnesota. Professor Yeganeh is a multidisciplinary scholar who has earned his MSc, MBA, and Ph…

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October 8, 2015





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