Logistics Management : An Analytics-Based Approach


New article by the authors that highlight this book, but also their new book Supply Chain Planning: Practical Frameworks for Superior Performance, 2nd Edition!
Logistics professionals must utilize a broad array of analytic techniques and approaches for decision-making. Effective use of analytics requires an understanding of both fundamental and advanced logistics decision-making techniques and methodologies. Further, logistics professionals must organize and view these analytics-based decision support tools through well-structured planning frameworks.
In this book, we illustrate and explain a wide range of practical logistics strategies and analytic techniques to facilitate decision-making across functions such as manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and inventory management. We also describe how to organize these analytics-based tools and strategies through logistics frameworks that span strategic, tactical and operational planning and scheduling decisions.
This book is intended for logistics professionals to use as a reference document that offers ideas and guidance for addressing specific logistics management decisions and challenges, and it will also serve as a valuable resource or secondary text for graduate and advanced undergraduate students.

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Tan Miller

Tan Miller, PhD, is a professor and the director of the supply chain management program at Rider University. Previously he was responsible for the operations of Johnson &Johnson’s US Consumer Distribu…

Matthew Liberatore

Matthew J. Liberatore, PhD, is the John F. Connelly chair in management at the Villanova School of Business, Villanova University. He previously served as associate dean, management department chair a…

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