Leading the High-Performing Company: A Transformational Guide to Growing Your Business and Outperforming Your Competition


Leading the High-Performing Company’ is an essential guide for leaders who want their company to achieve new heights and grow as a leader. Leading captures the symbiotic nature of leaders and the businesses they lead, providing practical tools for both to be at their best. —Marshall Goldsmith is the Thinkers 50 World’s #1 Executive Coach, #6 Most Influential Business Thinker 2017
‧ Why do some companies thrive—even through vast changes or market volatility?
‧ What differentiates high-performing companies from those that just get by?
Leading the High-Performing Company demysti? es performance. This transformational guide provides the crucial tools and insights to grow your business and outperform peers. It pinpoints how successful leaders and companies position themselves to lead in their industries.
Explore the symbiotic nature of leaders and the businesses they lead. Learn why life is better for everyone when the business is performing at its best. Discover the actions necessary to leverage your organization to new heights and grow as a leader.
This book is based on the author’s professional career—leading at an executive level and working with high-performing organizations through the good and bad times. Real-world examples bring the concepts to life based on the experiences of the author, as well as accomplished leaders. You’ll walk away with actionable insights to accelerate your business today.


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Heidi Pozzo

Heidi Pozzo helps C-suite leaders and boards dramatically increase their organizations’ value. With 20 years of strategic, financial, and operational experience in her role as trusted advisor and exper…

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July 17, 2018





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