Launching New Products: Best Marketing and Sales Practices


So, why this book? New product launches can be more effective! What is the ultimate measure of effectiveness? Sales dollars, profit dollars and growth rates are excellent measures. But how do you know that the launch is the best it can be? There is no endorsed standard that is used to evaluate the actions leading up to the launch, and corrective actions used during the product launch. As a result, business leaders make their own judgments and never truly know how much more successful they could have been.

The goals of this book are to discuss critical topics in launching new products, and to distill successful approaches from hundreds of publications and experience from launching over 50 new products into a checklist for marketing leaders, CEOs, and board members. The function of this checklist is to force consideration and completion of tasks that drive a successful product launch.

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John C. Westman

John Westman has held general management, marketing and sales position for market leaders such as Baxter Healthcare and Fresenius Medical Care and start-ups such as NxStage Medical, PharMetrics and De…

Paul Sowryda

Paul Sowryda founded many companies and holds over 10 patents for products in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Paul has led research and development and marketing for DUSA Pharmaceuticals and Ciba-…

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September 25, 2015





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