Knowledge Management: The Death of Wisdom: Why Our Companies Have Lost It–and How They Can Get It Back


This book is about an unintended—and unnoticed—consequence that is needlessly costing commerce and industry an unimaginable amount of money. It was in the early 1980s that someone smart thought that the flexible labor market would allow employers to quickly adapt their workforce to the new industrial technology-led revolution.
It did, but the trouble is that nobody thought of the downside consequences— short jobs tenure and the continual loss of the organizations’ unique, hard-won and expensively acquired knowledge and experience.
Inside, you’ll learn how employers can continue to take advantage of the flexible labor market while holding on to their special knowledge and experience. It’s a way of recovering lost continuity, allowing rolling generations of employees to learn more effectively from tried-and-tested experience and thus improve their decision making. Called experiential learning that has been adapted to the modern workplace, it’s a way of helping to banish all those repeated mistakes, re-invented wheels and other unlearned lessons that litter modern industry and commerce.


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Arnold Kransdorff

Arnold Kransdorff was the first to identify the phenomenon of corporate amnesia in the early 1980s, soon after the flexible labor market started to make a significant impact on jobs tenure. His first …

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October 2, 2012





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