Journey to the Metaverse: Technologies Propelling Business Opportunities


The Metaverse will be the next technological revolution. This book helps business executives to understand its foundations and reveals the new opportunities it will bring.

The accessible language used to explain the complex technologies involved is key to understanding the business opportunities that the Metaverse will bring. The book follows a smooth but thorough journey along all aspects associated with the Metaverse, from augmented reality, virtual reality, digital currencies, the Internet of things, 3D glasses, and many others. This book contains trustful, actionable, and practical insight from the experience of a person highly involved in technical activities and used to speak to the board of many corporations.

Reading this book, you will understand not only the drivers behind the Metaverse but also the following milestones and the roadmap we can expect: an early insight to adapt your business strategy or professional career to get the most out of this new social paradigm.

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Antonio Flores-Galea

Antonio Flores is a published author of six other books. With more than 20 years of experience, he holds two M.Sc. in Engineering (Telecommunications and Electronics), an International…

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March 23, 2023





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