Doing Digital: The Guide to Digital for Non-Technical Leaders


Understanding Digital is the Most Critical Skill of the Decade

Every business is a digital business and understanding digital is probably the most critical skill of the decade, as the pandemic has accelerated the journey to digital work and lifestyles.

Digital includes design, data, and numerous technologies, from APIs to Blockchain and from Cloud to Artificial Intelligence, and it can be daunting for non-technology people to work through the concepts as well as all the jargon. We can’t all be experts on these areas but for most of us, whatever our profession, doing digital is no longer optional.

This book will give you both a conceptual framework to understand digital, as well as an execution model (Connect-Quantify-Optimize) to actually do digital, in a simple and engaging way.

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Ved Sen

Ved Sen has been working on the business adoption of emerging technologies for most of his working life, from web technologies in the mid 90s, to IPTV, Mobile, the Internet of Things, Blockchai…

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January 03, 2023





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