Information Technology Security Fundamentals


Information security is at the forefront of timely IT topics, due to the spectacular and well-publicized breaches of personal information stored by companies. To create a secure IT environment, many steps must be taken, but not all steps are created equal. There are technological measures that increase security, and some that do not do, but overall, the best defense is to create a culture of security in the organization.
The same principles that guide IT security in the enterprise guide smaller organizations and individuals. The individual techniques and tools may vary by size, but everyone with a computer needs to turn on a firewall and have antivirus software. Personal information should be safeguarded by individuals and by the firms entrusted with it. As organizations and people develop security plans and put the technical pieces in place, a system can emerge that is greater than the sum of its parts.


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Glen Sagers

Glen Sagers is an associate professor at Illinois State University, teaching networking and security courses. He received his PhD from Florida State University and has published articles about the pr…

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Bryan Hosack currently works as a senior analyst in business intelligence, reporting and analytics in the financial industry. He has taught, worked and consulted in a variety of IT areas across a vari…

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