In Search for the Soul of International Business


There is a New World Order for trade and globalization. Inundated with constant information, new concepts, and endless data, individuals are caught in the whirl-wind of a fast-paced world, often without the ability to stop and think, particularly when it comes to issues of the soul.
I consider the soul the center of our activities and inspirations. If one says of an individual, “his soul has left him,” one connotes death. This also will apply to societies and corporations. Are we willing to permit the gradual march toward solitude with all the accompanying sharp cutting edges? Will the balloon go up? The reader can judge. I hope to supply the content here.
With a foreword by Ambassador Laszlo Szabo, a preface by the Rev. Horkan, and the humorous yet pensive illustrations by award-winning cartoonist David Clark, this book increases one’s ability to gain a comprehensive understanding of the most pressing international business and trade issues that the world faces today.

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Michael R. Czinkota

Professor Michael R. Czinkota teaches international marketing and business at the McDonough School of Business at George- town University and the University of Kent in Canterbury. During leav…

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October 27, 2018





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