How to Navigate Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures: A Concise Guide For Managers


Organizations, large and small, are realizing the importance of collaborations to achieve their business objectives. Organizations to create independent and joint values are entering into strategic alliances with their suppliers, customers, and even their competitors. Every alliance follows a lifecycle and decisions have to be taken by executives at each stage. Anticipated revenues and other sources of financial value remain unrealized if inadequate decisions are taken and alliances fail or under perform.

This book takes readers across the different stages of an alliance lifecycle and, through practical incidents, discusses and debates on the decisions to be taken. The book also demonstrates the various challenges faced by executives in an alliance. This book is perfect for managerial executives who are contemplating proposing a strategic alliance for their organizations or are part of an organization juggling various ongoing alliances, alliance managers, and business development professionals. In short, the content of the book should be of interest to anyone for whom alliances are a topic of interest.

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Meeta Dasgupta

Dr. Meeta Dasgupta is an assistant professor in the area of strategic management at Management Development Institute, Gurugram. She has years of both industry and academic experience. Her corporate ex…

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March 12, 2020





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