How to Fail at Change Management: A Manager’s Guide to the Pitfalls of Managing Change


Change management efforts often fail. Business case studies are littered with examples of failed change management efforts. Why this is so is a mystery, given the many change management models in existence, highly paid executives equipped with degrees from top-tier schools, and the millions of dollars spent in pursuit of change.
Successful change management need not be a mystery, but perhaps change management success is best learned from failed attempts at change that seemed reasonable at the time according to theory—but proved to be bad ideas in retrospect. This book presents notable examples of attempts by experienced managers to implement bad ideas that lead to failed change so that change managers are better equipped to avoid common pitfalls in managing change.

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James Marion

Dr. James W. Marion is an Associate Professor with Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide. He is currently the Chair of the department of decision sciences. His experience includes lea…

John Lewis

John Lewis is a developer, system architect, and computer enthusiast who’s been keenly interested in electronics since his youth. John is currently a lead member of architecture at AT&T, where …

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April 4, 2020





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