Guerrilla Warfare in the Corporate Jungle: Adaptations for Survival


Using his experiences of life in the corporate jungle, K.F. Dochartaigh has produced a survival manual that assists and guides the reader on how best to navigate corporate pitfalls and avoid being ‘trapped’.
The book fuses three separate but intertwined disciplines of the animal kingdom, the guerrilla battlefield, and the corporate world to help establish patterns of behavior and to understand the motivations that drive each action. All three areas share a common environment: the jungle, where visibility is limited, and ambush is the only method of attack by predators. The book blends animal and human psychology and provides safe passage in all its encounters. This book does not condone war—in fact, quite the opposite—and, as you will see, it takes more of a defensive position in repelling attacks and seeks to promote the occurrence of collaboration over individual competition, which will also become apparent. It is not a “call to arms” or a promotion of anarchy—not by any stretch of the imagination—as it merely assists the individual in adapting within their environment in order to ensure their survival. Whether you work as an accountant, IT consultant, lawyer, salesperson, or project manager, the same logic still applies because there is a natural order in all corporate vocations.


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K.F. Dochartaigh

K.F. Dochartaigh has worked in the corporate world for over 20 years in various capacities at senior levels in both the private and the public sectors and has been responsible for the creation and str…

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January 22, 2021





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