Global Mergers and Acquisitions, Volume I: Combining Companies Across Borders, Second Edition


This book primarily deals with corporate restructuring through mergers and acquisitions (M&As). It critically examines all functions that must be performed in completing an M&A transaction. Domestic and cross-border M&A’s are very similar in many respects even though differences between them also exist. The book includes discussions of international finance and multinational financial management, the topics that arise in cross-border M&A transactions.
Given the increasing importance of China as the second largest economy in the world and Chinese companies’ growing merger and acquisition (M&A) activities globally, we devote the last two chapters of the book to China’s outward foreign direct investment and cross-border M&A activities. Moreover, the second volume includes the case studies regarding Chinese foreign direct investment both in Greenfield and acquisition forms give additional insights into challenging tasks of due diligence and post-merger cultural integration that foreign investors face.
The M&A literature is a fragmented field of inquiry. The book brings together important, practical insights from this vast literature in a short, but cohesive form that has high managerial relevance.


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Abdol Soofi

Abdol Soofi received a doctoral degree from the Economics Department, the University of California, Riverside in 1981. He has taught undergraduate courses at the UW-Platteville and graduate courses a…

Yuqin Zhang

Dr. Yuqin Zhang received her doctoral degree in Management Science and Engineering in 2004 from Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is assistant professor in E…

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March 10, 2018





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