Frontiers of Risk Management: Key Issues and Solutions, Volume II


Frontiers of Risk Management was developed as a text to look at how risk management would develop in the light of Basel II. With an objective of being 10 years ahead of its time, the contributors have actually had even greater foresight. What is clear is that risk management still faces the same challenges as it did ten years ago.
With a series of experts considering financial services risk management in each of its key areas, this book enables the reader to appreciate a practitioners view of the challenges that are faced in practice identifying where appropriate suitable opportunities. This book includes the original subject chapters as previously published and has only been updated to the extent that the editor has considered this to be necessary.

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Dennis Cox

Dennis Cox is a seasoned risk management professional. With a career encompassing Arthur Young and BDO, HSBC, and Prudential, he has been implementing, advising, and training on risk management for 30…

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July 16, 2018





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