Financing and Managing Projects, Volume II: A Guide for Executives and Professionals


Project is an instrument of change and the term “project” is evolving and constantly changing. With the increasing emphasis on social and infrastructure projects, executives, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders have to look into the managerial and financing aspects of infrastructure and social projects.

This second volume is devoted to the financing aspects and provides insight into the New Sources of Financing with particular reference to infrastructure and social projects and the PPP approaches relating thereto, Government Funding Policy, and the project sponsor and the issues relating to time and cost over-run of projects.

The book makes for a lucid reading and serves as a guide for the reader. It has been written based on our experiences and feedback from teaching, training, and delivering various consultancy projects.

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About the Author(s)

Nand Dhameja

Professor Nand L. Dhameja, PhD, is a fellow at IIM, Ahmedabad. He has vast experience in research, consultancy, and training,and has been involved in national and international projects including priv…

Ashok Panjwani

Professor Ashok Panjwani is professor of operations management at MDI Gurugram, India. He obtained his bachelor’s in civil engineering from IIT Delhi, 1981. He then worked in the Indian civil engineer…

Vijay Aggarwal

Professor Vijay Aggarwal is currently director, FMS at MRIU, Faridabad. Primarily, his career has been rooted at MDI Guru- gram and WSU Pullman (USA) as professor of operations man- ag…

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September 19, 2017





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