Establishing Workplace Integrity: Six Lessons in Values Based Leadership


Companies like Theranos, Enron, and the Bernie L. Madoff Investment Securities Company (BLMIS) crashed and burned when their founder’s used fraud, deceit, and corruption for short term goals and stock price spikes. Readers will explore the pitfalls of bad ethical practices and learn how to be Values-based Leaders.

The book focuses on six themes:

  • Corporate Culture
  • Employee loyalty and engagement
  • Motivations for improper behavior
  • Going inside the mind of a whistleblower
  • The importance of compliance programs
  • White-collar crime for individuals

It’s written in a practical voice, sprinkled with pop-culture references from movies, songs and tv shows and follows the life cycle of work, mostly from a U.S. perspective.

Each lesson begins with an Executive Summary, acting as a “teaser outline.” These are followed by chapters including historical background, cautionary tales, and applied ethical solutions.

Readers will learn why good ethics is good business.


About the Author(s)

Paul Fiorelli

Paul Fiorelli is the Director of the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics at Xavier University. He was selected as a Supreme Court Fellow assigned to the United States Sentencing Commission.

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April 8, 2024





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