Essentials of Enterprise Risk Management: Practical Concepts of ERM for General Managers


Enterprise risk management has never been as topical. The 2008 financial crisis, ever-present cyber-security threats, market volatility, increasing regulation, climate change, stakeholder activism and changing workforce demographics are just a few of the factors creating a focus on enterprise risk management. This book lays out the basics of enterprise risk management in a common sense and highly applicable manner.
This book, intended for general managers of all levels, board of directors, students of risk management and others who need to be concerned about risk management and strategy, provides a solid base for understanding best practice in risk management. It gives readers the concepts and tools to excel in the current dynamic risk management environment and make risk management a value- adding activity within their organization.

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Rick Nason

Rick Nason, PhD, CFA, is an associate professor of finance at Dalhousie University in Halifax Canada as well as a consultant on finance, risk management and applied complexity science. …

Leslie Fleming

Leslie Fleming has worked in insurance for more than 25 years in a variety of roles. She has been actively involved in the industry, previously serving as chair of the Canadian Institute of…

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June 10, 2018





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