Emotional Intelligence at Work: A Personal Operating System for Career Success


Even though it is seldom acknowledged, the truth is that business runs on emotion—yours and almost everyone else’s. And that emotion is often negative, leading us into bewilderment, dysfunction, and failure.

This book explains how to face up to this reality and respond by building street smarts and business emotional intelligence (BEQ). It supports your business success by developing your ability to recognize and effectively manage the destructive emotional tendencies, hidden agendas, and behaviors that exist all around you, and sometimes within you, that block business progress.

Emotions don’t belong in the business process, we are told. And that’s absolutely correct when destructive feelings disrupt the workplace. But here is the dirty little secret: Irrational and runaway feelings nevertheless dominate in many businesses and hold back professionals who are crippled by emotional dynamics that often play out beyond conscious awareness and their control.

Learn how and why emotions are a controlling factor in every career or business success and failure, and how to work with them to achieve your full potential by developing (BEQ). Expand and transform your business thinking and approach, by learning to recognize common, hidden emotional issues in a simple and straightforward manner. Strengthen your BEQ to achieve more accurate self-analysis, improved awareness, and effective functioning that creates predictable and positive results immediately.

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Richard M. Contino

Richard M. Contino, Esq. is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, attorney, businessman, and negotiator. He has undertaken hundreds of high-stakes businesses, financial and legal negotiat…

Penelope J. Holt

Penelope J. Holt is a marketing, advertising and communications executive and brand builder. She has worked with and for numerous leading companies, including PayPal, eBay, Pitney Bowes, Britis…

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March 20, 2021





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