Digital Leadership Framework: Cultivating the Four Key Competencies


In the digital age we are currently living in, customer needs change. Industry dynamics change. Business models change. Competence requirements change. Project parameters change. However, the leadership required to drive these changes has not changed much. Most leaders continue to drive digital transformation using the old pre-digital style of leadership. As per a recent study by McKinsey, 70 percent of digital transformation projects fail. The main reason for failure is a lack of Digital Leadership.

Digital transformation is the main driver behind digital leadership. Digital leadership is the set of behaviors a leader must demonstrate in the digital age, which are: learning new skills, connecting with people, leveraging data, and delivering results. To demonstrate them successfully, one must develop the following four key competencies:

  • Growth mindset
  • Empathy
  • Informed decision-making
  • Fast execution

Each of these competencies uniquely maps to a behavior: Growth mindset enables learning, Empathy enables people connections, Informed decision-making enables leveraging data, and Fast execution enables delivering results.

This book contains a complete framework for digital leaders to develop these competencies. They can be an executive or a manager leading a team, a transformation driver, or a change agent in an organization.

The success of this book lies in how effectively the leaders cultivate the competencies and apply them at their workplace. This book is not just about information…. It’s all about transformation!


About the Author(s)

Amit Prabhu

Amit Prabhu is the author of Digital Strategy Framework. He has over a decade of corporate experience in global business management, strategy, and consulting.

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May 30, 2024





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