Designing Supply Chains for New Product Development


Because supply chains themselves in recent years have become a source of sustainable competitive advantage, they are a topic of great interest to business professionals. While the literature on supply-chain management is extensive, the same cannot be said for supply-chain design in general and R&D supply chains in particular.
Research and development (R&D) supply chains are often designed without the process discipline and rigor that typically characterize the development of products emerging from R&D programs. This book should help everyday supply chain practitioners involved in research and new product development, who are migrating their products to full commercialization. The book should also aid decision makers looking to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their supply chain. When new products are developed, a significant divide typically emerges in trying to commercialize the product while attempting to meet project demands for cost, schedule, and quality. Simply put, in many cases the supply chains developed to accomplish R&D functions are usually woefully inadequate to meet the demands of large-scale commercial applications. This book recounts the real-world work efforts, rigor, and discipline used to transition from a supply chain supporting R&D functions to a world-class supply chain capable of supporting a multibillion-dollar hydrocarbon recovery project.

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Antonio (Tony) Arreola-Risa

Antonio (Tony) Arreola-Risa, PhD, is a faculty member in the Information & Operations Management Department, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Operations Ma…

Barry Keys

Barry Keys, P.E., is a registered professional engineer, retired Commander from the USN, member of Cambridge Who’s-Who, former Director of 4 companies, and a frequent executive lecturer at the Mays Bu…

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August 6, 2013





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