Creating Value Through Project-Based Supply Chain Decisions


Good project decisions result in successful careers and profitable companies. Bad decisions can be costly and cause operational downtime, may hurt employee morale, and impact customers and suppliers. Making a good decision has become very difficult because of increasing operating complexity and less marketplace predictability. Because of this: employers rate critical thinking and decision making as a top essential skill.

Business problems are complex – so why do we continue to use a standard one-dimensional approach to solve complex, risky, and unpredictable problems?

This book takes a novel but practical, multi-dimensional approach to making value-creating project decisions–decisions which use less resources to produce maximum value, including:

  • Link company strategy and goals to project concepts,
  • How to assess which projects produce value,
  • Risk,
  • Make or buy project criteria,
  • Service based project decisions.

This book is intended for project managers, supply chain professionals, and operationally focused roles for individuals having responsibility for successfully delivering projects and want to take charge of their career.


About the Author(s)

Denise Chenger

Dr. Denise Chenger has successfully led many large-scale business transformation initiatives in both senior leadership roles and as a consultant where she has delivered tangible and value-creating results for over 25 years.

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October 16, 2024





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