Creating a Culture for Information Systems Success, Second Edition


In the era of disruptive technology, the dilemma of why a particular information system encountered unanticipated resistance and never met expectations is still considered an emerging issue. While this context has been intensively studied, we still lack evidence on how this organizational context is affecting the success of information systems from a managerial action perspective. This type of managerial involvement is often neglected to the extent that it becomes a major obstacle to organizational performance.
The objective of Creating a Culture for Information Systems Success is to assist CIOs and IT managers on how to use their managerial actions to create a suitable cultural environment in the organization that leads to a successful and sustainable implementation of information systems function. The book provides guidelines for managers on how to create this organizational context, measure it, and make sure it leads to a successful implementation and use of information systems. It carefully illustrates its main theme by providing examples and cases to explain how the behavioral context of an organization led by its managers and executives would lead to the success of the information systems function.

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Zakariya Belkhamza

Zakariya Belkhamza is a senior lecturer in management information systems at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, where he teaches management information syst…

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February 10, 2019





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