Conducting Business Across Borders: Effective Communication in English with Non-Native Speakers


If you are a native speaker of English working in business or cross cultural communication, then this book is for you. You will learn how to communicate clearly in English with non-native speakers and minimize misunderstandings. The communication process is analyzed from the non- native perspective. You will thus understand the difficulties and frustrations that non-natives encounter in their relationships (work and social) with you, your colleagues and your company.
Many misunderstandings boil down to language. However when working in an international environment we tend to blame misunderstandings on differences in culture. We thus often ignore the fact that we may simply have misinterpreted what the other person has said to us, or we may not have been clear in what we ourselves said to that person.


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Adrian Wallwork

Adrian Wallwork has written over 40 books aimed at non-native speakers of English. Adrian has collaborated with several international IT companies in order to help them improve communication in Englis…

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June 15, 2018





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