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Congratulations to Rita Owens who won the 2018 ABC/APCC Excellence in Communication Consulting for her book, Communication for Consultants. She presented her project at the Association for Business Communication Annual Meeting in Detroit, October 2019.
From the moment of their first client engagement, consultants in all fields face communication opportunities and challenges. No matter what their focus may be, professional services, accounting, technology, operations, human resources, manufacturing or marketing, consultants drive change. That change, from its initial definition through its development and deployment, must be precisely communicated to a variety of audiences and through a variety of mediums.
Most business communication books do a good job leading professional writers and presenters through the basics of audience, organization, formatting, and mechanics. But, few focus on a specific business role, like that of a consultant, and give specific guidance for communicating during all stages of a project. From the pre-engagement process to the actual engagement to the post-engagement follow-up, consultants are challenged by the variety of audiences whose roles continually shift throughout a project.
This book guides a current or would-be consultant through the various phases of a typical engagement and gives practical advice and direction on written and oral communication throughout a typical project. Current and future consultants in all fields will gain specific knowledge about writing and presenting to a variety of audiences including clients, team members, managers and partners. The book also gives advice to new and seasoned consultants about state-of-the-art use of technology in communication and business communication etiquette.

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Rita R. Owens

Rita R. Owens is a full-time senior lecturer in the Boston College Carroll School of Management. She currently teaches courses in business writing and communication skills for managers. For over twent…

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May 31, 2016





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