Classroom to Workplace: Land Your First Marketing Communications Job


Classroom to Workplace: Land Your First Marketing Communications Job is the perfect career-building handbook for those entering the marketing communications professions. It provides practical guidance and easy-to-use motivational steps to help advertising, public relations, and digital marketing students and grads chart their own path to overcome insecurities and job-hunting roadblocks, putting their best foot forward starting now.

Featuring valuable insights from diverse communications majors who have landed competitive jobs, the book offers proven tips to help aspiring professionals manage nerves and self-doubt, choose career directions, get the most from internships, build a professional network, craft application materials, interview confidently, and start strong in a new job. Hiring and human resource professionals share essential best practices for success.


About the Author(s)

Lynn Appelbaum

Lynn Appelbaum is Professor Emerita at The City College of New York with over 35 years’ experience as an educator and public relations professional for NBC News and New York University, among other organizations.

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October 22, 2024





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