101 Tips for Improving Your Business Communication


This book contains business communication information that may not have been taught in college, information that has been accumulated over years of business experience and teaching. Anyone can read these brief tips to learn how to better communicate in business while saving the time that might have been invested in reading many books.
The tips cover the fundamental areas of writing, speaking, and interpersonal communication, as well as offer general business communication advice. Each tip is a practical application that can be implemented immediately. Each tip is also illustrated by a story from the author’s work life in various industries. Lastly, the book also lays a foundation for an understanding of how the brain influences all communication.

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Edward Barr

Ed Barr has taught thousands of people over a 25-year career at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, where he currently teaches and coaches computational finance majors t…

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February 20, 2021





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