Can You Run Your Business With Blood, Sweat, and Tears? Volume 2 : Sweat


What does it take to successfully lead and manage a business or a team?
Management consultant and HR specialist Stephen-Elkins Jarrett and organizational development consultant Nick Skinner share their combined experience of how mastery of 15 key areas can help you drive your business, team, or even yourself to success.
Presented using the acronym of BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS, this book, presented in three volumes, aligns some established models with common sense to give a practical view with tools and tips gained over years of working across different industries and sectors. At the heart of the book is the fascinating study of behavior, discussed through the SPECTRUM model, showing how by treating others in the way that they want to be treated, we can engage, develop, and lead them to achieve meaningful goals.


About the Author(s)

Stephen Elkins-Jarrett

Stephen Elkins-Jarrett is a management consultant, organizational psychologist, life coach, CBT counsellor, and NLP practitioner. His focus includes human resources, change management, and…

Nick Skinner

Nick Skinner founded Poppyfish in 2012 and works as an organizational development consultant, executive coach, and facilitator with experience in leading employee engagement programs, change projects,…

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October 30, 2018





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