Business Sustainability: Profit-With-Purpose Focus


Corporations are expanding their performance to both financial economic performance (ESP) and non-financial environmental, ethical, social and governance (EESG) sustainability performance to effectively achieve their objective of creating shared value for all stakeholders. Companies are now adopting the mission of profit-with purpose by shifting their goals to create shareholder value while fulfilling their social, environmental and governance responsibilities.

Management play an important role in pursuing the mission of profit-with purpose and in integrating business sustainability into corporate culture, business environment and strategic plans and decisions. Corporations can create a right balance between the wealth-maximization for shareholders under the shareholder primacy concept while achieving the welfare-maximization for all stakeholders under the stakeholder primacy concept.

The global move toward the adoption of benefit corporations and profit-with-purpose companies is inevitable as sustainability initiatives are being integrated into corporate strategies, supply chain, decisions, actions, and performance. Business Sustainability: Profit-with-Purpose Focus consists of four chapters covering all aspects of business sustainability with a keen focus on the concept of profit-with purpose.

Anyone who is involved with business sustainability and corporate governance, the financial reporting process, investment decisions, legal and financial advising, audit functions, and corporate governance education will be interested in this book. Specifically, corporations, their executives and the boards of directors, internal and external auditors, accountants, lawyers, lawmakers, regulators, standard-setters, investors, business schools, and other professionals will benefit from this book.

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Zabihollah Rezaee

Zabihollah Rezaee (Zabi) is the Thompson-Hill Chair of Excellence and Professor of Accountancy at the University of Memphis and has served a two-year term on the Standing Advisory Group of the …

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August 31, 2021





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