A Primer on Corporate Governance: Turkey


This takes an in depth and comprehensive assessment of corporate governance in Turkey. In this assessment, historical roots and cultural values shaping the Turkish business context are taken into perspective. Part I outlines the developments and characteristics of the Turkish Economy as well historical developments in corporate governance to provide a background for the readers. External and internal corporate mechanisms of corporate governance are explained in Parts II and III, respectively. Turkey is a civil law country. Its legal system, company laws, regulatory authorities and the state of the market for corporate control as well as the socio-cultural norms, ways of doing business and Turkish code of good governance are the external mechanisms that shape the corporate governance practices of companies. Characteristics of the board of directors, ownership structure and management teams of Turkish companies are analyzed as internal control mechanisms. The last part of the book includes conclusions and discusses current and future corporate governance challenges in the Turkish business context. This book is intended for a broad audience including students and professors in graduate business schools and practicing business executives. The goal is to inform those interested in or dealing with corporate governance about the practices in use in Turkey.

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Sibel Yamak

Sibel Yamak is a professor of management in Wolverhampton University. She has a doctorate degree in organization theory from Boğaziçi University. She has been a visiting scholar at different universit…

Bengi Ertuna

Bengi Ertuna is a professor of finance at BogaziciUniversity. She received her Ph.D in Finance from Bogazici University. She has developed and offered a variety of courses both at undergraduate and gr…

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March 11, 2017





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