Business Foresight: Scenarios for Managing Uncertainty Strategically


Turbulence in recent years has become unprecedentedly wicked. Uncertainty has become a dense fog becoming for business leader’s public enemy number one. This book uses scenario and other methods like systems thinking to see over the horizon and to time travel to the future. Written by an extremely experienced consultant who has in parallel been a strategy academic at leading business schools for over thirty years, this is a practical toolkit grounded in theory.

The author provides exercises to try out and includes fascinating case studies to take the reader beyond “what happened and why?” to “how the process was managed and tips for applying it for yourself.”

This is a must-read for business leaders finding uncertainties giving them sleepless nights. For MBA students it will give them a different dimension for their thinking course work and projects – and a real edge over those trapped within a single view of the future.

This is not just a journey but a new way of thinking.


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Tony Grundy

Dr Tony Grundy is a prolific management thinker, writer, an international strategy consultant, and senior executive developer and mentor. He has consulted with KPMG and independently…

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July 3, 2023





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