Business Ethics and Rational Corporate Policies: Leveraging Human Resources in Organizations


As internal doubts persist on whether an individual adheres to business ethics and corporate policies, readers need to utilize this book in order to develop moral reasoning by demonstrating the moral entity consideration principle. This is vital in terms of coping with an internationalized business environment where human resources must adhere to multidimensional and demanding policies, while attempting to develop their mindset capacity of ethical thinking. This book is about providing a comprehensive framework for understanding business ethics and corporate governance, by analyzing the moral aspects of a plethora of challenges regarding human resources management, policy making, corporate responsibility, code of conduct, agency theory, workforce planning, information systems, and employment relationship.


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Konstantinos Mantzaris

Konstantinos Mantzaris was accepted as a doctoral (PhD) candidate at the University of Patras (Greece) at the Department of Business Administration with a doctoral dissertation on human resource…

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October 9, 2020





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