Brand Vision: The Clear Line of Sight Aligning Business Strategy and Marketing Tactics


I don’t think I’ve ever read a marketing book that took such a complex topic and made it easy to follow. I’m going to make it required reading—and practice—for my two newbies.–Nancy DeZarn, Senior Marketing Manager, JLG Industries

Really well done! It is thoughtful, to the point, and instructive for marketing practitioners like me as well as all marketing stakeholders. I like it a lot!–Larry Foy, Marketing Director, Bosch Rexroth

In a global survey of more than four thousand senior executives, consulting firm PwC found that 80 percent of the respondents admitted that few of their associates understood their company’s corporate strategy. And even that figure is wildly optimistic. According to research reported in the Harvard Business Review, 95 percent of a company’s employees, on average, are unaware of or do not understand its strategy.

Brand Vision: The Clear Line of Sight Aligning Marketing Tactics and Business Strategy hopes to change that by offering simple, easily implemented tools connecting a company’s marketing program to its business strategy. It’s based on a critical premise: that, rather than merely a series of aesthetic decisions on typography and graphics, marketing can be a powerful force that helps a company communicate its strategy. Not just externally, but internally as well.

The author has covered this territory for more than four decades, working as a strategist, creative director, and writer for one of the country’s largest business-to-business advertising agencies. He has worked with large international companies to develop marketing campaigns and programs from social media, search, email, and websites to more traditional print advertising and direct marketing. He knows this territory well.

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James Everhart

Jim Everhart is a freelance strategist and writer, working with corporations and agencies to develop marketing communications tactics and campaigns. He spent more than four decades in the marke…

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