Board-Seeker: Your Guidebook and Career Map into the Corporate Boardroom


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“Ralph Ward has pulled together all of his experience and wisdom to help executives make the leap to board service. Finally a true ‘guidebook’ full of detailed, actionable steps for getting onto a board, including examples and templates. Follow his comprehensive advice, including a tailored board bio, talking points, how to research the existing board and company, and how to make connections with people who have board access, and you will land a board seat.” —Betsy Atkins, Board member, Wynn Resorts, Volvo Cars Group, Founder, Baja LLC
Board-Seeker: Your Guidebook and Career Map into the Corporate Boardroom is the first practical guide written specifically to help board-ready leaders and executives gain the knowledge, resources, and confidence to shape their personal “onboarding” program. Assess your experience that makes you valuable to a board–there’s more than you think. Shape this into a powerful outreach portfolio, such as board resume, online image, and personal pitch. Gain the targeted network and mentors you’ll need, especially your boss! Learn step by step how board searches really happen and how to master each stage. Prepare for the board interview and vetting process, and get ready for your first board meeting.
With leads, links, checklists, and first-hand success stories, Board-Seeker spells out each step you’ll take into the boardroom—and beyond.


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Ralph Ward

Ralph Ward is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, and advisor on the role of boards of directors, how “benchmark” boards excel, setting personal boardroom goals, and the future of…

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