At Home with Work: Understanding and Managing Remote and Hybrid Work


Remote and Hybrid – Making it Work

Remote and hybrid work environments have boomed in number; however, understanding on how to manage remote and hybrid work is still in its infancy. We need better guidance on the impact of remote working on behavior, organizational culture and wellbeing, so that remote working models are optimized for success. At Home with Work provides this understanding and guidance.

This book explains the background of remote work: how technology and a changing society created the perfect backdrop to mass adoption of fully remote and hybrid work. It shows how what started as an emergency response to COVID became the biggest global change to working arrangements in living memory and shifted our expectations about work itself.

The author investigates how remote and hybrid work has moved the dynamic away from ego-driven office culture and towards higher-trust and collaborative working. This book is a carefully considered overview and introduction to wider changes in the field of work and the global labor market.


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Nyla Naseer

Nyla Naseer is a critical thinker in the field of social psychology, economics, and wellbeing, addressing these complex subjects in a refreshingly down to earth and accessible way…

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April 26, 2023





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