A Corporate Librarian’s Guide to Information Governance and Data Privacy


With the expansion of technology and governance, the information governance industry has experienced dramatic and often, sudden changes. Among the most important shifts are the proliferation of data privacy rules and regulations, the exponential growth of data and the need for removing redundant, obsolete, and trivial information and the growing threat of litigation and regulatory fines based on a failure to properly keep records and manage data. At the same time, longstanding information governance standards and best practices exist, which transcend the sudden vicissitudes of the day.

This volume focuses on these core IG principles, with an emphasis on how they apply to our target audience, which includes law librarians, legal and research staff and other individuals and departments in both the public and private sectors who engage deeply with regulatory compliance matters.

Core topics that will be addressed include:

  • the importance of implementing and maintaining cohesive records management workflows that implement the classic principles of capturing, checking, recording, consolidation, and review;
  • the classic records management principles of Accountability, Transparency, Integrity, Protection, Compliance, Accessibility, Retention and Disposition; and
  • archives Management and the two principles of Providence and Original Order.


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Phyllis L. Elin

Phyllis Wisotsky Elin is an Information Governance leader with over 30 years of experience leading enterprise-wide information governance strategy and implementation projects in multiple indust…

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July 29, 2022





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