Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and has assisted leaders around the globe improve performance in their organizations. Industries served include software development, health care, manufacturing, transportation, nonprofits, public services, small businesses, and universities. He also served as Human Resource Deputy of a software development company… Read more


Ron Robinson
The Five Key elements include:
  • Establishing a project structure
  • Developing a project plan and budget
  • Recruiting resources
  • Project training of project teams and facilitating project team meetings
  • Communication between project members and the community
Project Structure

The project structure includes a Steering Committee made up of key representatives of your organization,along with key stakeholders and customers. This committee would meet monthly to provide guidance and remove barriers for the project teams.

The second element of the project structure would consist of project teams for each new innovation. These teams would meet weekly, review and update project plans, solve problems and agree on plans for the following week. They would attend monthly Steering Committee meetings to report on progress and share information.

The third element of the project structure would include Subject Matter Experts including users, technical specialists, research personnel and others to provide research, education, information and council to accommodate project design and implementation plans developed with the project teams.The Project Manager facilitates decision making events, attends and updates project status at steering committee meetings, facilitates project team meetings and tracks project tasks and financial activities.

Project management utilizes many of the leadership behaviors discussed previously and will be referenced as we discuss key elements of leading innovation design or redesign initiatives. The beginning involves defining project goals in measurable terms. For example, the innovation goal of XYZ company is to design a fish finding system for up to minute tracking of fish by December 15, 2016.

Defining the goal serves to determine estimates for elapsed time for project completion, project scope in terms of not only time but also personnel, material supplies (computers, manuals, networking equipment, etc) and resources (consultants, access to data, etc) and finally costs estimates based on time and scope deliberations.

On All Cylinders

The attacks of 9/11 and The Great Recession created a new economy: the new normal. The result has been greater demands for management to unleash the power within diverse workforces and rapidly respond to market and technology changes. Business owners and management express frustration with their ability to accomplish goals with their personnel who seem apathetic about their businesses…

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