Expert Insights


Developing Agile Leaders

Author : Foster, Carrie
Bio : Fellow of CIPD, Glyndwr University
ISBN : 9781631577123
Publish Date : 2017/2/2
Page Count : 20
Description :
The context in which organisations operate is undergoing continuous and multifaceted change. In addition to the rising levels of political uncertainty, megatrends such as demographics, digital technology, global competition and shifting business model design means organisations are experiencing unpredictable customer demands, increased complexity, an overload of information and stretched resources. The ability to continuously change and be effective in leading through change will be the key to sustainable organisational performance. To survive in the environment, leaders must become agile in both thought and practice. This article seeks to provide a framework for leaders to develop their agility, resilience whilst learning from setbacks and enhancing their capacity to act.

Empowering Leadership

Author : Sarah Cook
Bio : Sarah Cook is managing director of The Stairway Consultancy Ltd.
ISBN : 9781631578557
Publish Date : 2017/3/7
Page Count : 8
Description :
This article provides practical guidance and advice on how to create a high-performing work environment by demonstrating empowered leadership. It covers the qualities of an effective leader, explains what is empowered leadership as well as steps to be taken to improve empowerment.