A Seat at the C-Suite Table: Insights from the Leadership Journeys of African American Executives


In Their Own Compelling Words

A Seat at the C-Suite Table is an insightful look at the leadership journeys of 30 African American male C-Suite executives.

In their own compelling words, executives describe earning and maintaining a seat at the C-Suite table. They speak candidly about how the lack of mentors, coaches, and role models impacted – but did not stop them. They talk openly about navigating corporate settings designed years ago by White men. They speak freely about their commitment to supporting the next generation of leaders.

This book was inspired by data suggesting that there is racial/ethnic underrepresentation in corporate leadership roles in the United States. This underrepresentation ranges from the presidency of colleges and universities to the U.S. Senate to corporate boardrooms.

This book provides advice, hope, and inspiration for others. It also includes a road map for all leaders who desire to become better mentors, coaches, sponsors, and allies for current and future underrepresented leaders.


About the Author(s)

Charles Wallington

Charles F. (Chuck) Wallington is a C-Suite executive and a chief marketing and communications officer. For the past 12 years, Chuck has held leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

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January 11, 2024





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