Expanding Customer Service as a Profit Center: Striving for Excellence and Competitive Advantage

Expanding Customer Service as a Profit Center: Striving for Excellence and Competitive Advantage

Striving for excellence in customer service is critical to gain a competitive advantage. It is the keystone for business growth and prosperity as it builds repetitive sales to existing customers and referrals for new customers. If customer service is looked at as a major business component and all customers are treated with excellence prior to the sale, during the sale, and after the sale, customer service will become a profit center that builds sales dollars to the top line and real profits to the bottom line. Customer service is not as simple as offering a smiling ‘good morning’ greeting and a ‘have a nice day’ parting, but an integrated system that manifests itself in all activities of the business to wield an overall customer service organizational mentality. Every time a customer comes in ‘contact with the company there is what we call a ‘touch point’ and each touch point must be a Wow! Moment’ for the customer. It is the build-up of these wow moments that develops into a superior customer service experience. No longer does the company sell whatever the customer is willing to buy or the company wants to sell, but realigns its customer service efforts to sell those products that the customer really needs. This book is geared to those interested in delivering customer service as a profit center concept that enables the organization to grow in the desired directions–doing the right thing the right way in spite of organizational roadblocks.

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Dr. Rob Reider is president and founder of Reider Associates, Inc., a management and organizational consulting firm located in Santa Fe, NM. Dr. Reider is the course author and discussion leader for over 20 different workshops and seminars conducted nationally. Dr. Reider has been awarded the AICPA Outstanding Discussion Leader of the Year Award, and received a BS in Business Administration and an MBA from Drexel University, as well as a Ph.D. in Organizational and Management Psychology from Southwest University.