Data Visualization, Volume I: Recent Trends and Applications Using Conventional and Big Data

Amar Sahay

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January 5, 2017
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Data visualization involves graphical and visual tools used in data analysis and decision making. The emphasis in this book is on recent trends and applications of visualization tools using conventional and big data. These tools are widely used in data visualization and quality improvement to analyze, enhance, and improve the quality of products and services. Data visualization is an easy way to obtain a first look at the data visually. The book provides a collection of visual and graphical tools widely used to gain an insight into the data before applying more complex analysis.

The focus is on the key application areas of these tools including business process improvement, business data analysis, health care, finance, manufacturing, engineering, process improvement, and Lean Six Sigma. The key areas of application include data and data analysis concepts, recent trends in data visualization and “Big Data,” widely used charts and graphs and their applications, analysis of the relationships between two or more variables graphically using scatterplots, bubble graphs, matrix plots, etc., data visualization with big data, computer applications and implementation of widely used graphical and visual tools, and computer instructions to create the graphics presented along with the data files.

Amar Sahay

Amar Sahay

Dr. Amar Sahay is engaged in teaching, research, consulting, and training. He has taught/teaching at several Utah institutions, including the University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, Weber State University, and Westminster College. He has a BS in production engineering (Birla Institute of Technology, India), an MS in industrial engineering and a PhD in mechanical engineering (both from University of Utah). Amar is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt and holds an expert level certification in lean manufacturing/lean management.

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