Wouter Hensens

Dr. Wouter Hensens is the Executive Dean of Stenden South Africa, a campus of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the coastal town of Port Alfred, South Africa. His doctoral research focused on the impact of online guest reviews on conventional Hotel Classification systems, and this started his journey in the study of online reviews.

His work includes the integration of online review data in hotel rating systems in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain and Sharjah and several publications on the nature and use of online review data. He loves to explore the true voice of the guest through the analysis of online review data and believes that online reviews will continue to shape the services sector for the better.

Wouter is married to Marin with two children, Lana and Alec and lives in the quaint town of Port Alfred, South Africa where he also serves as the Chair of the Sunshine Coast Tourism Board. In his free time, he loves playing golf and experiencing unique hospitality concepts.

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