Rod Matthews

As an author, facilitator, and presenter, Rod Matthews has spent the past 20 years working nationally and internationally to help individuals, groups, and organizations see things differently. Rod believes that an organization cannot grow beyond the level of its leadership and so works with leaders and leadership teams as they negotiate increasing amounts of complexity and challenge. Rod is a voracious reader of nonfiction and loves testing what he finds in books, articles, and websites in the real world. This has a tendency to make it difficult for Rod to get invited to dinner parties and barbecues. So now Rod balances this with a good dose of comic, fiction, swimming, playing football (soccer . . . the real football), and spending time with his family and friends, who allow him to attend barbecues mostly out of a sense of community service. Frequently referred to as “the best trainer in Australia,” Rod’s courses are thought provoking, insightful, interactive, and life changing.

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