Our director of production will be your point person from the final contract through publication and will answer any format, style, and permissions questions. Any content-related queries should be directed to your collection editor (CE). When your manuscript is complete, please submit it directly to your acquisitions editor, Scott Isenberg. Following this, your manuscript will be reviewed by your CE who will provide you with pre-publication feedback on the content, completeness, and scope and depth of your manuscript. The CE will either state that the manuscript is production-ready upon completion of final edits or revision, or the CE may ask to review the manuscript one more time before submission to production.

Production officially begins with the review of the text manuscript and art by the production director. The materials will be reviewed for completeness (all figures, tables, manuscript pages, etc.) and editorial content (writing style, consistent use of conventions, citations, permissions, condition of image files, etc.).

Once the production director determines the manuscript is complete and ready, it is sent to our composition house. They will review the manuscript from a typesetting perspective, let us know if they have any questions or concerns, and create the production schedule. The schedule will be shared with you so that you can note when to expect edited manuscript and, later, page proofs for review.

At that point, the manuscript is edited by the copyeditor who will edit for grammar, clarity, syntax, and stylistic elements, such as the treatment of special terms and equations.


Cover Design

The production director will work closely with you to design a cover that you love. This process will begin as soon as your manuscript has been accepted for production.

From paperbacks to eBooks

We create high-quality file types for all platforms of e-readers – allowing your content to be accessible across a wide-variety of devices. All of our books are published in paperback form, along with EPUB and MOBI versions, ensuring availability to Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and more.