Patrick H. Park

Patrick H. Park graduated from Korea University and received MBA from Darden School of Business at University of Virginia. He worked as a data analytics expert in a venture capital firm in NYC, and a top authority in big data strategy in a global management consulting company. He established the execution and performance-based big data methodology based on over 10 years of experience in the field. His methodology, which executes the entire process from big data strategy building to system design, development and utilization, has demonstrated its performance in major companies and research institutes. He served as a columnist in business management of a major economic newspaper in Korea, and is conducting research on corporate big data technology, as an industry-academic cooperation professor at Catholic University. More recently, he presented “Performance-oriented Data analytics” in CRM Fair. He currently serves as a management consultant and outside director for leading companies, and CEO of Value Management Group, a performance-oriented strategy consulting network. His written work includes Brain Work (2014).

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