Michael Marlin

Michael Marlin (aka Marlin) is an internationally acclaimed juggler, performing artist, and producer/director. He has worked as a circus elephant groom, actor, toy inventor, author, stand-up comic, philosopher, game designer, cartoonist, homesteader, transformational coach, and embodies a Renaissance Man’s essence. His book, “The Contemplative Navel,” was reviewed as “a cross between Will Rogers and Sophocles.” As a vanguard in the Dark Sky movement in the 80s, he began creating live performances executed in the dark to raise awareness of light pollution. Recognized by the International Dark-Sky Association and the International Astronomical Union his staged production, LUMA: Art in Darkness, appeared in 15 countries on five continents, and 45 states. A public speaker on dark skies for tourism boards, city councils, utility companies, educational institutions, and is collaborating with communities seeking to protect their night skies. He is currently working on a television series where he will be hosting as “The Astrotourist.”

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