Kevin Scanlon

Dr. Kevin J. Scanlon received his PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of London. Dr. Scanlon’s academic achievements include co-authoring 135 scientific articles and nine medical books. He was a Leukemia Society Scholar and won the Paul Martini Medical Research Prize in Germany. He was Co-Founder & Co- Editor of the Nature Journal Cancer Gene Therapy and President of the International Society of Cell & Gene Therapy. Dr. Scanlon also holds seven issued US Patents. At Berlex-Schering AG (Berlin, Germany), he was responsible for the genomic and cancer programs in the US, Europe, and Asia. As CEO of Melanoma Diagnostic, he sold his company to Myriad Genetics. When Chairman of the Pasadena Angels, he was identified by LA Techweek as an individual impacting the Los Angeles Business Community on a significant scale. He was also executive member of the Tech Coast Angels in Los Angeles and investment advisor to Sky Ventures in Boston.

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