Kevin E. Phillips

Kevin E. Phillips is focused on living life with purpose and passion. He has extensive experience leading cross-functional projects and developing people. Currently, he is a Project Manager for CVS where he continues to discover innovative solutions to challenging problems while fostering dynamic teamwork. Having lived and worked all over the country, Kevin has finally settled in Orlando where he is writing his book. Dedicated, passionate, and invigorated by life and people, he is a hard worker who believes in strong ideals and helping others. A United States Air Force Veteran, entrepreneur, speaker, marathon runner, world traveler, and MBA Graduate from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, Kevin enjoys helping people reach their full potential and enabling companies to flourish. Further, Kevin has spent over 15 years in various business industries and organizations delivering exceptional results and building high performing teams. Throughout this time, his experiences have ranged from captivating work environments filled with energy and excitement, to debilitating conditions that challenged his resilience to show up each day. Based on these experiences, in-depth research, and continual desire to invest time and energy into discovering the most effective ways to build strong teams and get the absolute best out of people, he has found that employees who are engaged in the activities they are involved deliver results far superior to those who are not.

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