Jay E. Fortenberry

“Jay Fortenberry is one of the leading supply chain architects active around the globe. With over 40 years of experience in the Transportation, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Industrial Goods and Food sectors, he has learned how to deliver product throughout the world, while producing double-digit savings for productivity & working capital.

Prior to teaching at Portland State University, Jay was a senior leader at Honeywell as Vice President of Supply Chain Integration. There, he was responsible for the Planning, Logistics and Trade functions and recognized for being able to swiftly define, evaluate and drive measurable results to meet the bottom line and the ever-changing global business needs.

Jay was tutored by the old masters that created Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan in such concepts as Toyota Production System (TPS), Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) and Heijunka (level production/ level flow). He uses a simple formula of People, Process, Tools to assess the practices employed throughout the Supply Chain – from here, one can rapidly drive towards operational excellence, customer responsiveness and savings.

Jay also learned how to flawlessly execute by literally running the railroad at Union Pacific, managing Private Fleets at Toyota and John Deere, incorporating Service Parts & Projects Logistics logic for Oil & Gas industry into his standard work process. He firmly believes, mapping and modeling the supply chain yields immediate and sustained results to any business.

Jay attended the University of Tennessee for his Bachelor of Science and Arizona State University for his Masters. He was voted one of the Top 20 Logistics Executives in 2000 and regularly works with Portland State University, Washington State University, CSCMP, WERC and other Advisory Boards to expand the knowledge of supply chain operations around the world.”

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